December 2001
Group Photo
Sweet Fear, Circus of Destruction, Cottonmouth DN, Tapping the Vein, Witzend, Apple of Discord, Carfax Abbey

January 2002
Trace Fury
Ploy, Ten Spiders, Seducing Eve, 12 Horse, Sarah Fimm, Leroy Spoon and Burlap Palace

March 2002
Nocturnal Noise, Leroy Spoon, The Worry Knot, Bridgestreet, Witzend, Minus Bluff

May 2004
Underworld Entertainment
Sugarcult, Dresden Dolls, Brides of Destruction, Brazil, The Primadonnaz, 4 Way Street, Helen Back, Pale Reason

Fun Fact: This issue was used as “exhibit 1” in a major court case regarding songwriting credits. I had to testify that the contents of the article were true. Rolling Stone has that story.